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BLUE RHYTHM AUDIO was first established as a recording label for bands from the Northern Irish new wave and post-punk era in the early 1980s. Set up by Howard Ingram, formerly bass guitarist in The Tearjerkers, the label issued a series of cassette and vinyl releases in the early 1980s.

CHELLEY'S "Adventures in my handbag"  continues to sell well.  More on Chelley from her own site,
Also check out the site for some insight into spoken-word activity in Belfast.
A 'production glitch' meant that we haven't been able to service supply as well as she would have wished, but normal service is slowly being restored (translation: I've had to report and be rejected for jury service for what seems like years now, in fact it's only about three weeks so far. Not shaving or washing my hair seems to be having the desired effect so far as the lawyers are concerned...I look like I should be in the dock rather than on the jury...but it has buggered up my work, family and social life big time. It has been a pain in the arse. However, it comes to an end, I hope, shortly, so maybe I can get back to attending to more important issues).


...have some foundation...

Thursday, April 29th. Four of us -American domiciled Brian is missing- take to the stage tonight in Jordanstown. A private party. We haven't settled on a name yet (it isn't 'The Tearjerkers' without Brian, so we won't be using that). Personally, I favour the KY Jelly Rollers...but we might just be The Blue Strings, as it says on the Tearjerkers site. The set is short, thank goodness. I haven't been on a stage in 25 years and doesn't the time fly when you're enjoying yourself?


On stage during the 1979 Good Vibrations Easter tour