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Check out the official Tearjerkers site for a report and pictures (possibly even an mp3 or two) from the Jordanstown gig on April 29th, a 'Tearjerkers' gig in all but name. Photos and mp3s, if they're available, will be up around about May 2nd.

January 20th, 2004: A brand new Blue Rhythm recording is issued on February 5th. It's a spoken-word CD by local poet Chelley McLear, entitled "Adventures in my handbag". Chelley will be performing at the Arcadia poetry evening on February 6th, and copies of the album will be available.
You can check out Chelley's site at
February 6th, 2004: cbr2004-3 will be an EP by Adam Maginnis. Details of these ambient tracks to follow just as soon as we've finalised the title of the thing...Check back!
February 6th, 2004: Some merchandise is in production at the moment. We've got some button badges and T-shirts at the printers at the moment, and we'll be making these available for sale very soon. Furthermore, keep checking back for the arrival of the Blue Rhythm online shop where the CDs (and other items of merchandise) will be available for sale very soon.

Detonators recording sessions have ground to a halt...

...with Paul and committed to meeting a huge demand for Everybody wants to shag, particularly in Japan. Copies arrived there this week (first week of February) and we know it's on sale in NAT Records and will be available in Disc Union in the near future. For those who have asked...yes, a Tearjerkers studio album is already being prepared and will be available later in the year. Paul and I spent last night re-mastering some tracks for it. We're about a quarter of the way through... 
And, despite a ridiculous sum of money being offered to play live during the summer, the answer this week was still no.



The label was briefly revived in the early 1990s to meet demand for product created by the (first) publication of the book "It makes you want to spit!", which covered the Northern Irish new wave era.
I'd wanted to re-issue a lot of the old material and issue material on CD for the first time but I always seem to be one current project away from starting on the archives...and I still am. I just about managed to get through Everybody want to shag the Tearjerkers and put it out. We did The Detonators "Now and Then" and the Etc Etc album was digitally transferred. Nigel's album got stalled because we couldn't clear some of the masters. His old label wanted big money for him to use the track. Serious money. I could probably have flown him to LA, used the cream of session musicians and allowed him to develop a coke habit while he was there for a smaller fee. So that one stopped dead in the tracks.
This time Blue Rhythm will stick around a little longer. There will be no reissue campaign as such. No campaign, even.  I prefer to do something new rather than live in 1981 for the next two years, so I'd hope people don't expect a whole slew of reissues. This will be a trickle, rather than a flood. I'm sort of half-hearted in even caring about the past or what we or anyone else did. But it seems I'm alone. Judging from emails so far it seems half the world was getting excited by NI new wave while our backs were turned...

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!