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I'm still working on the discography pages. Check back soon.

cbr1 Etc Etc "Etceterassette"
cbr2 Bats in the Belfry "Nocturnals/Radio Wreckage"
cbr3 Etc Etc....memory deserts me at this point! I have all the relevant detail stored, but not in memory. How empty do you think my life is to recall every release???? I'm still scouring the 'archive', but it has been some years since I went through those scrapbooks and files, so it'll take a week or two yet...

Track List:


Favorite CD

At this moment in time it's the recent Gosdin Brothers reissue. Yeah, I know that's not what this box meant, but who cares? Buy the Gosdin Brothers CD. Or the expanded 'Sweethearts of the Rodeo' by The Byrds, with a lot of Gram Parsons and International Submarine Band stuff on it. And never, never, ever go out without a clean pair of underpants on and a copy of Robert Johnson's "King of the Delta Blues Singers" in your walkman.

Favorite Song

A recent Detonators' recording, "Wes' Coast", is doing it for me at the moment in a 1950s LA cool jazz sort of way. We've even managed to get horns on it...