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There won't be a Blue Rhythm "re-issue" programme as such. Yes, we'll get around to putting the entire back catalogue out eventually. But what's released, and when, is partly in your hands. Please feel free to get in contact and let us know which Blue Rhythm product you'd like to see reissued immediately.
One of the first things I found in the archive was a Bats in the Belfry album. Album? I don't remember putting one out! I have absolutely no recollection of agreeing to one, hearing it, assembling it or having artwork. But there it is! So, because it all seems 'new', I've started the digital transfers and clean-up work. I spoke to Neil Barrett's Mum a while back and she was able to tell me that Neil now lives in Chile and works for a mining company while, sadly, Jim White died of AIDS in 1998.