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"The Government's Message on Invisible Taxation"
(from the forthcoming album 'Ugly Tumour')
(catalogue number TBA)

From the music reviews page of a provincial newspaper somewhere...
It has been judiciously pruned and punctuated to comply with the rules of common English usage, not this culchie farm-boy bollocks perpetuated in local rags by people labouring under the common error that they can write.
"Tony Teflon is from Co.Donegal and a post-rock glam-rock po-mo sex god to middle aged totty.
"Kill the poor", he says with a thumbs-up kind of chuckle as he bounces onto the stage of The Rag Heads's Arms and launches into 'Carpet Bombing'. And who are we to disbelieve him?
Well, apart from the fact that this laptop jamming master of electronica announces "There are weapons of Mass Destruction" from the stage but then, mysteriously, doesn't deliver, launching into "We have it on good Intelligence" instead. I half expect that "Lies will lead to suicide by Scientists" to follow but, once again, he sidesteps one's expectations to conclude with "I firmly believe".
Then, an encore, "It's not about oil", followed by a quick dash to his tour bus, nicknamed DC-10, and onto the next stop his whistlestop tour.
It's here we catch up with Tony. In the background, his wife is humming a Beatles tune.
Any words for all of the middle-aged totty out there, with the release of your debut album due in the spring or summer, certainly no later than the fall, unless of course it's the winter?
"I love all the middle-aged totty all over the world" Tony tells the BlueRhythmAudio website, exclusively. You heard it here first, folks!
And, straight from the recording studio, here's a sneak-preview of the title track to Tony's as yet unreleased album.

Click to download "The Government's Message on Invisible Taxation"

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